Bikaner general info

Area 38.10 sq. km.
Altitude 237 mts.
Temperature Summer : Max 41.8ºC, Min 28.0ºC.
Winter : Max 23.2ºC, Min 5.0ºC.
Rainfall The average yearly rainfall varies from 26 - 44 cms.
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani, English.

Bikaner introduction

This city lies on the northern point of the triangle of desert cities. Bikaner is another royal walled city dating back to 1486 AD. It was, however, a major trade centre as it stood on the ancient caravan route which linked central Asia and North India with the Gujarat seaports. While other cities of Rajasthan are rich in lakes and pleasure pavilions, Bikaner seems quite bare in that respect. This desert town in the north of the state was founded on 1488 by Rao bika, a descendant of Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur. Bikaner has a superb fort, camel safaris and 30 kms to the south is the extraordinary Karni Mata temple where thousands of holy rats are worshipped.

Bikaner history

A Rajput prince Rao Bika ji a descendant of the founder of Jodhpur (1459 AD)., Rao Jodha Ji established his kingdom here. Bika Ji chose a barren land called "Jungladesh" and shaped it into an impressive city, called Bikaner after the founder's name. Ever since the foundation of Bikaner till its accession into Indian Union in 1947 A.D. and there after it's integration in Rajasthan state in 30-3-1949 A.D., Bikaner has played a notable role in the history of the country.

Bikaner state has produced several able Generals and warriors and distinguished Rulers and just to name of few Raja Rai Singh Ji-One of Akbar's most distinguished Generals. Another famous name is Raja Anup Singh who ascended the throne in AD 1669 a scholar and warrior. His period has been described as "the golden time of Bikaner valor and fame". Bikaner has many magnificent buildings made of reddish-Pink sandstone that transcends the surrounding barren wilderness. Unlike other cities of Rajasthan, Bikaner has been able to preserve it's traditional aura of the medieval e.

Bikaner best season

It has got extreme desert type of climate with high temperature difference and low rainfall. The best season to visit Bikaner between October and March. Also during any festival period its a real pleasure to visit this city.