Indian leatherwork is made from buffalo-hide, camel or goat. The centre of Mumbai's noxious leather industry is in Dharavi, where goods sell for half the price they do in slick city centre stores. If you're in the market for a major leather purchase, it's worth making friends with someone who knows the area well and asking them to escort you. With a bit of sifting, you can also pick up decent belts and wallets from the stalls along Dr D Naoroji Rd. It's still worth a stroll along Dhabu St in Kalbadevi, though it's not the centre for cheap leather goods that it once was.

Csango has a quality assortment of leather bags, jackets, briefcases, wallets and belts, but they're not exactly cutprice.

Cheemo stocks a similar range of leather bags, clothes and accessories.