There's a cluster of hip boutiques on Bhulabhai Desai Rd at Kemp's Corner, wedged between the flyover and the junction with Nepean Sea Rd. Pieces by Indian designers sell here for half the price of off-theshelf gear back home. The clothes are trendy and western oriented, but with a healthy dash of local style thrown in. Bandra's Linking Rd is also worth a stroll, though the clothes here tend to be familiar western labels rather than innovative local designs.

Remanika is a modestly priced but trendy women's clothes store with casual gear designed by Seema Kakkar.

Roxy sells reasonably priced hip local and imported men's and women's casual designer wear.

Mischief is a designer boutique with local and imported trendy women's pants and shirts, plus some token menswear.

Tie-Ups sells clothes. It's tucked away in a laneway off Bhulabhai Desai Rd, but it's worth finding, especially if you're looking for stylish evening wear at a reasonable price.