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 Facts And Figures
Area 480sq.km
Capital Pondicherry
Population 9,73,829
Languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English and French
Airports Pondicherry

tourist attractions

Sri Aurobindo ashrama
Sri Aurobindo was a greatly respected freedom fighter and philosopher who settled in Puducherry and established this Ashrama in 1920. His philosophy and teachings found many followers here, and this Ashrama became one of the centers of vedic and philosophical studies. The place is a peaceful community developed over the years by the active participation of members that include people from all countries, casts, and communities. The ashrama is a great example of unity in diversity and promotes world peace in a very subtle way, emphasizing on the learning of world religions. The ashrama is also known for the samadhi (memorial) of Sri Aurobindo and Sri Ma (mother). Besides, there are farms, gardens, cottage industries, library, and various other manufacturing units that cater to the day to day requirements of the ashrama.
This unique venture is a city located close to Puducherry and is considered to be among the tourist spots in Puducherry. It was started in 1968 under the supervision of ‘mother’. It has been visualized as a universal town where people from all cast, creed and community will live in peace and harmony. Work is still going on, and many countries have shown interest to participate in the venture.
Puducherry museum
This museum exhibits interesting artifacts related to the history of Puducherry that goes back to the 1st century AD. The most interesting exhibits are the Roman articles discovered at Arikamedu. The French section showcases the history of French colonization in Puducherry. The museum also has a nice collection of sculptures, paintings and sea shells. The colonial structure is one of the important places to visit in Puducherry.

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