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Established in 1948, the Calico Museum of Textiles is un doubtedly one of India's leading museums for textiles. Its superb collection of textiles is further enhanced by a fine collection of pichhwais and patachitras(paintings on cloth).The museum is housed in two buildings , one displaying textiles of religious significance and the other traditional court fabrics, tents, carpets and costumes.

Three buildings with traditional carved wooden facades located around the chowk house the courtly or secular pieces like carpets, embroidered and decorated shamianas,wall hangings and costumes. Ther is an excellent display of phulkaris from Punjab,Kalamkaris from Andhra and saris. A significant gallery presents the different weaving techniques with the help of samples, technical notes and their relation to the different sects.

Address : Calico Museum of Textiles


Surendra Patel, an interior designer by profession, has set up, on the outskirts of ahmedabad, a quaint rural complex where visitors can savour authentic Gujarati village cuisine. Collected from all over India, the endeavour is to demonstrate the purity of form and shape in these objects of utility. the pot to store water in, utensils to cook and serve in, spoons,rollings pins, a huge vessel, in which buttermilk was churned. The artisan created each piece for a specific purpose and this catered to a person's every need including worship.

Address : Utensils Museum
                 Vechaar Vishalla Environment Centre Opp, Vasama Toll Maka

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