Mizoram general info

Area 8139 sq mi
Capital Aizawl
Population 888,573
Languages Mizo, English
Airports Aizawl

Tourist Attractions


Phawngpui, the Blue Mountain of Mizoram is a highly revered peak, considered to be the abode of the Gods. Phawngpui Peak is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram, rising about 2165 m high near the Myanmar border in Chhimtuipui District. Phawngpui Peak is famous for orchids and rhododendrons. With spectacular trees and flowers of all colours, Phawngpui presents a fairytale view of the blue hazed hills, and vales unfolding below. Phawngpui Peak in Mizoram exhibits the most enchanting view of Mizoram. There is a semi-circular beautiful cliff in the western side called Thlazuang Khamm, which has a sharp and deep fall. This cliff is believed to be haunted by spirits. On the peak, there is a level ground of about 200 ha in area. The area is encircled by matted bamboo groves and other alluring vegetations. You will come across varieties of butterflies, including some rare species found in this region.

The Sibuta Lung

Sibuta Lung is a memorial stone found at Tachhip village, 20 Km from Aizawl town. Sibuta Lung was raised by a Palian chief about 300 years ago. The memorial Sibuta Lung offer a story of jilted love and lust for revenge. It is said that, a young orphan, Sibuta, was adopted by the chief. Sibuta killed his adoptive father and became the chief of over 2,000 houses. But he failed in his love life and was jilted by a girl. Sibuta went mad for revenge and he put a young and beautiful girl, Darlai, in a big pit on which he wanted to erect a memorial for himself. The huge rock was pulled with great pains from the bed of the Tlawng river, 10 Km away. The stone was bathed with the blood of three human beings who were sacrificed. The stone was raised putting Darlai alive on the pit below the stone.

Phulpui Grave

There are two graves at Phulpui village in the Aizawl district of Mizoram India. It is said that, Zawlpala, Chief of Phulpui village, married the legendary beauty, Talvungi of Thenzawl. Talvungi was subsequently married to the chief of Rothai, Punthia. But, Talvungi could not forget Zawlpala, her previous husband. After many years when Zawlpala died, grief stricken Talvungi came to Phulpui, dug a pit by the side of Zawlpala's grave and asked an old woman to kill her and bury her in the grave. The love story, the graves ( of Zawlpala and Talvungi )and other related places at Phulpui are attractions to the visitors coming to Mizoram.