Mumbai general info

Area 603 sq km
Altitude 8 to 450 metres above sea level
Temperature Summer-26.0 C-34.0 C Winter-19.0 C-30.0 C
Rainfall 2,200 mm average yearly
Languages English, Marathi and Hindi
Best Time to Visit Round the year


Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the economic powerhouse of India. It's an exhilarating city, fuelled by entrepreneurial energy, determination and dreams. Mumbai is the stronghold of the Indian film industry. Throughout the year Western and Indian music concerts and festivals and Indian dance shows are performed in Bombay. Mumbai is the industrial hub of everything from textiles to petrochemicals, and responsible for half of India's foreign trade. The size of the population means the city has enough social problems to last a lifetime, but its spirit is irrepressible and it has personality by the bucket load. As the cultural bridgehead between east and west, whatever happens in the rest of India tends to happens first in Mumbai, and it usually happens with the maximum amount of swank and noise.

How to get there

Air :-Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the main aviation hub in the city and the busiest airport in South Asia. International flights connect it to all the major cities of the world.
Rail:-Mumbai is well connected by rail with all the places in the country. Bombay is the headquarters for both western & Central Railways. Regular train services connect Bombay with all major towns and cities in India.
Road:-Mumbai is well connected to all the cities of Maharashtra by bus. Intra city bus services are also very good.