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 Facts And Figures
Area 12 sq mi
Capital Kavaratti
Population 60,595
Languages Malayalam (official), Mahl, Jeseri (Dweep Bhasha).
Airports Agatti

tourist attractions

Kavaratti is famous for its mosques. The Ujra Mosque houses a well that is believed to contain water with magical powers that can cure diseases. The small town is very popular with tourists. Other attractions of the place include the lake, aquarium with tropical fish and corals and other historical monuments.
Kalpeni is a charming little place situated at a distance of 287 km from Cochin. The place is known for its scenic splendour and immense natural beauty. The storm bank located along the eastern shoreline is one of the main features where tourists can enjoy swimming and water sports like kayaking, sail boat and pedal boat Tourist attractions in Lakshadweep.
Agatti is a small place, just 6 km long and 1000 m wide. Situated at a distance of 459 km from Cochin, the town is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, serene beaches and swaying palm trees. One can enjoy a number of water sports including kayaking, scuba diving, sail boats etc.

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Kavaratti Kalpeni Agatti
Kadmat Bangaram  
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