Train Tours

The Railways in India provide the principal mode of transport for freight and passengers. It brings together people from the farthest corners of the country and makes possible the conduct of business, sightseeing, pilgrimage and education. The Indian Railways have been a great integrating force during the last hundred years.

It has bound the economic life of the country and helped in accelerating the development of industry and agriculture. The first Indian train steamed off from Mumbai to Thane, a distance of 34 km. The Indian Railways have grown into a vast network.

The growth of the Indian Railways in about 150 years of its existence phenomenal. It has played a vital role in the economic industrial and social development of the country.

The network is divided into nice zones and further sub-divided into divisions. The Rajdhani and the Shatabdi are the fastest Indian trains whose speed exceeds 140kmph. A luxurious train Palace on Wheels provides royal class comforts of the foreign tourists.

Even in such a vast network of railways, the Indian trains are generally crowded. It is therefore advisable to book seats in advance. The Railways also have recently started a Tatkal service under which tickets are available two day in advance by paying a premium. India has a metro railway in the city of Delhi, Mumbai Kolkata & Bangalore.

We are offering various train travel packages to see the real India.Travel with your family or with your friends to make your tour memorable With Indian Railway.

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