Camel Safari in thar desert, Rajasthan


Camels are the pride of Rajasthan. Globetrotters visits Rajasthan to explore the vast sand dunes of the Great Indian Thar Desert and above all a bumpy joy ride on the back of a camel. The Thar desert of Rajasthan which is an extension to the desert belt offers the right atmosphere to the camel safaris.

The western region of Rajasthan is most favoured destinations for camel safari which includes places like Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Shekhawati. You could do a short thirty minutes to a one hour safari at the Sam sand dunes or Khuri which are near Jaisalmer. or you could take a full day or two days to a onw week tour in the desert. Loosing yourself to the vast expanses of the Thar desert is an unforgetable experience. Feel the smell and fragrance of sand and dive into an unknown world of the desert.

Best time to do these safaris is from November to March.