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Life is a combination of the body, the  senses, the mind & the atma (spirit of soul). They cannot be  separated  from each other, none can't be neglected. From this combination ensues'Ayus'-the span of life. Ayurveda-the science of life is the knowledge of this association and of to maintain it as long as possible. 

The Indian System of nature cure

Amla and Neem

Ayurveda or the 'science of longevity' is the Indian system of nature cure.It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life.Although rooted in antiquity,Ayurveda is based on universal principles and is living,growing body of know- -ledge as useful today as it was in earlier centuries. It is said that Ayurvedais is old as the world itself.Its very basis is the spir- -itual knowledge of the ancient seers of india and the cosmic consciousness in which they lived. Its strength lies in its broad, all encompassing view of the dynamic inter-relationship between organic physiological proccess, external factors including climate, life work and diet along with the internal psychological and spiritual condition. Ayurveda believes that disease occurs not as an arbitrary phenomenon but for definite reasons which if correctly understood could help to cure and,more importantly, prevent recurrence of the disease. Ideally human beings and nature should be in perfect harmony.Disease occurs when the equil- ibrium between these two is disrupted.

 Origin and Developement

Ayurveda health resrt

Though Indian medicine has its root in pre- historic or prevedic medicine, dating from about 2700 B.C.to 1500 B.C.,the earlist men- tion of medical practices is to be found in the Vedas which looks back to a time around the second millennium B.C. The earlist Sans- krit treatises on Ayurveda were the Samhitas of the great ancient physicians Bhela, Caraka and Susruta,which date from around the Christian era.  A very sytematic and scientific approach,with somewhat modern ways of research and analysis ,was adopted by the sages of those times,lea- -ding to the developement of a system that is relevant even to this day.The legendary Jiva- -ka,a famous physician of Buddha's day is also reported to have preformed remarkable cures involving deep surgery. The Indian surgeons of that era excelled in operations and their achieve- ments in plastic surgery had no parallels anywhere in the world.Even in the 18th century,the Indian art of rhinoplasty was studied by European surgeons.

The Science of Life

Ayurveda,with its tridosha or three humours system,is able to provide a complete understanding of the cause of health in terms of metabolic bal- -ance. Disease is simply understood as an imbalance between the nerve energy(vata), catabolic fire energy(pitta) and anabolic nutritive energy(kapha). All foods and experiences have an effect on the overall balance of these respective humours.Ayurveda therefore aims to keeps the three hum- -ours in equilibrium for only then can perfect health be attained and maintained. In Ayurveda Diagnosis is more subjective than objective. But the comprehensiveness of the examination offsets any deficiencies because of sub- -jectivity of the diagnosis.Ayurveda aims to solve many health problems.

Beauty care through Ayurveda

Dhara Treatment Ayurvedic and pack


In Ayurveda,health promotion, beauty management and healing rely on freeing the body of ama(toxic material resulting from incomplete digestion), restoring sound cellular nutrition,facilitating compl- -ete elimination and re-esta- -blishing the balance of the doshas. This is gradually achieved by following an appropriate diet and lifestyle. Commonly called Panch Karma, Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy is the oldest scientific system for detoxifica- -tion and re-nutrifying the body. Ayurvedic rejuvennation therapy can be used as a program to improve good health, enhance natural good looks,or initiate cure of a disorder.Traditionally undertaken as a preventive therapy at the change of seasons, both winter to spring and summer to fall, the aim is to cleanse the body not only of waste materials that may have accumulated in the body. It is also an excellent, completely fresh start in the process of making health supporting lifestyle changes.


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